Our Mission

To Protect and Serve is not only a motto, it is our promise to the citizens of the Town of Bennington.

The mission of the Bennington Police Department is to enforce the laws of New Hampshire and the laws of the United States, maintain order, protect lives and property, provide equality of service to the community and to assist the public in a manner consistent with the rights and dignity deserving of all people.

We pledge that we will work in a manner to ensure all laws are enforced in a fair, impartial and professional manner. We will strive to provide excellence every day to better serve the citizens of the Town of Bennington.

We pledge on a code of honor that we will not betray the people's trust and we will not provide a service that will tarnish our integrity, character or the trust that the people of the Town of Bennington has bestowed upon us.

We pledge to have high ethical standards, enforce all laws, protect and serve all people and to be accountable for our actions. We promise to resolve problems through the enforcement of laws and ordinances and not through imposition of judgment and punishment.

We pledge not only to strive to do the utmost in providing a safe and happy place to live as police officers but to do so with the cooperation and assistance of the community - and work together in a partnership.